Take Advantage! Start getting phone calls on your San Antonio “For Sale by Owner” homes with Team Kristen Schramme real estate tactics!

FOR SALE BY OWNER: Are you trying to sell your home on your own? Sure, you may be saving yourself a few commission dollars but the time and tools you don’t have could end up costing you more. At Team Kristen Schramme we work with home owners performing the For Sale by Owner process. We offer to help these types of home sellers because we truly understand the pros and cons to selling on your own. Here’s how we can help you:



When selling your own home you have to let strangers into your home. Many or all of them may not even be pre-approved to purchase your home because majority of people interested in for-sale-by-owner homes are “tire kickers,” “window shoppers” or “bad credit individuals”, simply wasting your time.  WHAT’S WORSE? FSBO homes also attract investors that are only going to buy your home if they can pull a nice profit from the purchase leaving not much on the table for you. WHAT ELSE? You will have to schedule home showings on your own never knowing exactly who you are dealing with. You’ll have to negotiate blind mainly because Realtors and home buyers are skeptical about a For Sale by Owner listing making your home less likely to bring in quality home offers. Realtors know each other by name and personal experience. Past experiences help Realtors work better together giving their clients the ultimate home buying and selling experience. We have the real estate know-how when it comes to negotiating and we build trust with our clients!

Realtors have the paperwork and contracts ready to go. We know exactly what to look for in odd home requests, offers and contact requests. By completely listing your home with Team Kristen Schramme you get expert knowledge and expertise. You eliminate having to stress finding and scheduling potential home buyers to view your home on your own. You won’t have to worry about making sure your home is listed on the numerous home search sites, mls and filtered across classified sites like crcraigslistWe do this all for you. We have the knowledge and know how to value and price your home correctly based on the San Antonio market trends while having access to current real estate statistics and analytics matched exactly to your home’s area . We work with the best home inspectors, loan officers and companies. This is important because you as a home owner could never fully understand what is important to address in repairing or replacing. Realtors understand what home improvements will help get the most out of your investment and what not to mess with. Wasting money is never fun. We negotiate with nearly every Realtor in San Antonio giving us that hidden advantage when it comes to finalizing and working out the closing details with your buyer’s Realtor. We have all the contracts and paperwork ready to go for selling your home relieving the headaches and stress of making a huge, costly mistake. We also have the tools you need to sell your home at top dollar.

Every day hundreds of potential home buyers will see your home like it should be seen, in beautiful full HD photography, staged by San Antonio’s most elite interior designers. We give your home magazine-quality curb appeal. We’ll make sure your home is seen by thousands across social media sites like Google+ and Facebook. Ads will be created to make sure your home is never missed by the right buyer. Youtube videos are created to give your home the full online experience. We list with the top online home listing sites that generate leads overnight. We email featured homes to thousands of potential home buyers and send out info sheets to neighborhoods and communities educating them on what type of homes are available.

If you still believe selling your home on your own is what’s right for you we’d love to at least sit down and discuss why we are your better option. Please fee free to Contact us now!