what is the best way to price your home

Having the best sales plan for your home or property can only be initiated with an experienced real estate agent. You will need to consult with an agent that has a proven track record in home listings for your area. You will want to act fast! Many times in the home market prices fluctuate. If you wait too long, you could find yourself on the losing end of selling your home. Many times there will be more than one home in your neighborhood for sale. It’s important that you understand how your home compares to others in your area.


Compare apples to apples
If your neighbor’s home sold quickly, make sure you understand how and why this was accomplished. What features did the home include compared to yours? What price per square foot did the home start at and sell for? Make sure you understand how your home equally compares to other available homes in your area. CLICK HERE FOR A FREE HOME VALUE & EVALUATION REPORT!

The past is the past
Don’t go back in time when it comes to pricing your home. Understanding the current prices will give you be best chance in setting the correct price for your home. Your real estate agent will understand pricing for the given market period, so do trust his or her recommendation when pricing your home.

Sentimental value means nothing
Getting caught up in the past memories of your time and items in the home should never play a role in what your home is priced at. Buyers will never care about your memories and will solely be focused on building their own.

The car salesman approach won’t work
Starting high to allow room for negotiations during the selling of your home will put you at a huge disadvantage because the majority of home buyers ignore overpriced homes. Dealing with unreasonable sellers is never a fun experience, and homes that sit unsold will leave buyers wondering ‘what’s wrong with a house.’

Cost of home upgrades
A remodeled home or even just a newly redone kitchen should increase your home’s value, but you should never price these upgrades at their actual value. Some of your upgrades could be worth more than what you paid based on what overall value it brings to your home. Your realtor will be able to offer better insight on how to calculate the best pricing on your upgrades in your home. It could be more than you paid or less. Learn how my Secrets to Sold with professional staging helps sell your home. CLICK HERE FOR A FREE HOME VALUE & EVALUATION REPORT!

Watch out for unreliable sources
Websites that tell you how much your home is worth are abundant across the web. What you price your home at comes down to many factors including all of the topics covered in this article blog. Again, understanding what homes in your area are listing and selling for matters most, but you must remember to compare apples to apples. The best and the most successful Realtors can provide you with the most accurate home estimates based on your market.